May 28, 2018


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Change keeps us alive. 
The biggest example I can narrate in this regard is the rotation of our very dear home ”Earth” around its own axis that keeps the life going on our planet. The sun is alive because of the ongoing fusion and fission reactions. The moon changes its shape starting from a crescent to a full moon. Likewise, if the change in seasons doesn't occur, it will cause a great chaos.
Another very miraculous transition is of a microscopic zygote to a macroscopic human being. The metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a colourful butterfly is an extraordinary phenomenon. The change of a tiny seed to a gigantic tree is a marvel of nature. Flowers transforming into fruits seems to be an amazing miracle. 
Change is basically the essence of survival. 
As my parents weren't the natives of the city, they first got me admitted to a nearby local school. I barely survived the drastic change when my mother asked me to move to a madrassa and I was left with no other option. After two years studying over there, I was admitted to a high school. 
Damn! Then comes the college which was another phase and now university life is going on. Tuition and academies were also the subject of change. The books have never been kind as they have changed enormously over all these years.
Our standards change. Our emotions also undergo transitions. One moment we fall for one person and next moment we are in the fan moment of another. 
In a nutshell, in our entire life, we see that the only constant is 'change' and it is what that keeps us dynamic.

Maria Younas
Batch of 2020

May 27, 2018


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Wandering in the dark forest of despair 
I hardly find any fresh breath of air
Living in a constant state of fear
Bound in chains, I am unable to dare

The dare to lift off the night
The dare to hope for the light
The dare to dream of a flight
The dare to speak up for the right

Irony is that the darkness is me!
The forest is what? the life I see!
The chains are all the pain I endure
The fear is not to reach the cure

The cure which means to unchain me
The cure to lit the darkness within me
The cure is to end the solitude around me
The cure is to CHANGE the inside me.

Momina Nasir
3rd Year
May 11, 2018

The thing is that this is life!

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Smiles in the childhood and lots to play
Shiny is the night and bright is the day
No need to worry, no reason to cry
No need of wings to get you to fly

Soon comes the time when we become teenagers
Friends in school and messages on pagers
Play with the football, eat the chips
Laugh a lot while having slips

Soon you enter the crew of the youth
This is the time to choose your booth
One is responsibility- the other, just fun
With one comes success! With other, life burn!

The choice is yours so select the good
And don't hide your abilities in a hood
Work hard and wear noble kits
As we get spoilt by bad habits

The time comes when one gets to old age
And bones get weak in the body's cage
When consciousness betrays and comes nervousness
But grand-daughters and grand-sons give happiness

Not all happiness, not all grief!
In every case, be patient and heave
Silvery sweet, yet sharp like a knife
The thing is that this is life!

Deeba Ahsan
Batch of 2020

May 06, 2018


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May 03, 2018


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