The Joker

The curtains went down, 
the actors were praised. 
In the changing room, 
the transformation took place. 

The shimmer removed, 
the darkness glowed. 
The scars were revealed, 
narrating incidents with lips sealed. 

The crowd went home, 
so they felt so safe. 
They could come out naked. 
They could leave their cave. 

On the dark streets, 
their feet were dancing,
creating the magic, 
with tranquility enhancing. 

The twinkling smile of their soul, 
made them so brightened, 
as if stars had come down, 
their territory widened. 

That act was natural, 
because it had no spectators. 
That purity was factual 
hiding from evil eyes of haters. 

Little did the crowd care, 
they were fooled, but were unaware.

- Aiman Sheikh (Class of 2019)

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